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There is nothing more reassuring than a recommendation and great feedback to know that Mumsfit will help you through your antenatal and postnatal journey. 

Fit Back and Bumps really shows you how to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and core. The exercises aren't too time consuming so they can be done when you have just a little bit of spare time. Joan is very encouraging and patient as she ensures each exercise is being done correctly before moving on to the next. Being able to take my baby with me allowed me to complete the course with no childcare worries. Plus Joan is very good at pacifying a crying babe :-) Carrie Wearn

When I started the course I had not done any exercise for nearly 3 years. I had a number of issues, including a diastasis and weak tummy muscles. I thought I would have to put up with these, however by incorporating these exercises into everyday life I have seen huge improvements, in muscle tone, my posture and overall strength.

Joan has also taught me techniques in lifting and moving correctly. By making these small changes in addition to some dietary ones I am feeling a lot fitter and healthier. I cannot recommend this course highly enough, Joan is an excellent teacher. I believe all women would benefit from this holistic approach, especially if you've recently had a baby.
Ceri Pugh

I came to your Holistic Core Restore (R) classes at Chapel Spa and just wanted to say thank you. Since the class I have been able to sign up to run the Briston Half Marathon and am currently in training (last run was 6 miles just the other night). Genuinly without the amazing input from you and your classes I would not have even been able to think about this kind of training and I am just so thrilled to be able to set myself this challenge.
Thank you again Joan Charlie Aitken

I went along to Joan's classes all the way through my maternity leave. I lost weight, had fun and got a good deal fitter. I never regretted dragging myself out of the house to be there, wind rain or sun. Met loads of lovely Mums and babies and spent lots of positive time outside in the fresh air. My baby always enjoyed it too, and I am sure was much healthier for the experience too! Joan is really fun and professional, a great motivator and good support. I would highly recommend her classes! Elizabeth Wainwright

I have an anterior prolapse. I have seen really good improvements and now feel confident in walking up hills and feel less of a drag and a presence of the prolapse after I have been for a long walk.
I felt I was giving myself a bit of care and priority. Joan was a great teacher and gave us lots of tasty nutritional treats which I have made and am now snacking on rather than cakes and biscuits!
I think lots of women accept that it doesn't feel 'right' down there because they have had a baby and therefore accept it and get on with it. This course demonstrates that improvements can be made. Holistic Core Restore Anonymous feed back form 2

Holistic Core Restore gives exercises that involved the pelvic floor that no one else tells you about. Joan was a great teacher which helped me remembering them at home and gave alternatives if you couldn't take the equipment away with you. Seen some improvement but understand the importance of doing it at home. Gave me motivation. There were good explanations of the exercises and it helped knowing I wasn't the only one with problems. The course helped me enormously and provided simple exercises that I could do at home even with a baby to care for.
Holistic Core Restore Anonymous feedback form

I recently finished the 4 week course of Fit Back and Bump and now feel a lot more confident with how to strengthen my core and pelvic floor muscles correctly. Joan was great with us all and I felt comfortable with the exercises given knowing that we had a trained physiotherapist as our guide! I'm looking forward to getting back in shape again!! Holly Sweet

Thanks Joan! I've enjoyed buggyfit with you tremendously and it really does help you get back in shape in a relaxed, social and reassuring environment. Can't recommend you or the group highly enough. Back to work now so sadly will miss all those lovely sessions in the sunny park. Thanks again Laura and Noah Laura Bentley

Joan is a great motivator and you know you are in safe hands with her background as a physiotherapist. Her classes are enjoyable and social and pitched perfectly for mums. Well recommended Nicky Wilson

Found Fit Back and Bump really worthwhile as it gave me a greater understanding of what and where I was exercising and made me realise how I had been doing it incorrectly in the past! As time is limited to practise the exercises at home, it is great that you can do what you want when you want and still feel that they have been effective. Highly recommend. Nikki Webb

I highly recommend this class. I was a complete beginner and was worried I wouldn't manage! I was so wrong as this class is suitable for all abilities and fitness levels. I have noticed a huge improvement in fitness, strength and toning of muscles. Joan is a great instructor :-) Rachel Evans

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