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Holistic Core Restore

Developed by Jenny Burrell of Burrell Education the Holistic Core Restore is a 6 week programme for women in all life phases (pregnancy to menopause) wishing to improve their pelvic floor, core strength and overall well being.  It is a unique 6 week core restore and movement based pelvic floor strength programme

Holistic Core Restore® - Cheltenham

Holistic Core Restore® - Cheltenham

Stoke Orchard Community Centre, Cheltenham

Come along to this 6 week educational programme and get the best progressive exercise programme for your core. Meet women in similar circumstances, encourage one another and learn from one another and myself the instructor, what can help with the problems of the pelvic floor and a weak core.

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Holistic Core Restore® - One to One

Holistic Core Restore®

One to One/small group

If you are unable to make the class, or you want to exercise in your own home on your own or with a group of friends then please contact me to arrange a convenient time.

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