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Fit Back & Bump

Antenatal and Postnatal exercise classes delivered by a fully qualified Chartered Physiotherapist so expert guidance and instruction is guaranteed throughout, helping to remove the fear women may have about exercising during pregnancy and following the delivery of their baby.  Both Antenatal and Postnatal educational exercise programmes run over four sessions. 

Fit Back & Bump - Antenatal

Fit Back & Bump

Antenatal Classes

A regular class for the antenatal sessions does not currently run, but please contact me for more information on one to one sessions or other options.

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Fit Back & Bump - Postnatal

Fit Back & Bump


This 4 class programme highlights the changes your body has been through during your pregnancy and delivery of your baby and how you can improve the activity of the muscles that have weakened as a result of this process, this is mainly your core and pelvic floor.

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