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What might happen to your pelvic floor in December!

- posted by Joan Palmer.

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I hope the title has caught your interest!  Hopefully you will continue reading as there are two possible scenarios during this month that may cause you to think about what is going on with your pelvic floor.

The first is the weather.  It has been incredibly mild so far this year with just a couple of cold days so this may not have been an issue yet.  However, when the weather does turn cold you may find that you need to visit the loo a little more often.  This is because the cold temperature causes the bladder to contract and therefore give you the signal that you need to go. 

The second is the possibility in an increase in alcohol consumption!  I hope that you will have been able to enjoy a bit of socialising with friends and family, especially those with the tiny babies when getting out might feel quite difficult at the moment.  Alcohol is one of many substances that is an irritant to the bladder so can make you feel the need to use the loo a little more frequently. 

It’s not possible to change the physiology of these two factors but if your bladder and pelvic floor have been trained hold larger quantities of urine and if you are more efficient at activating the pelvic floor then this should reduce the consequences of these factors to a degree.

If you would like to learn more about looking after your pelvic floor and managing situations like those mentioned above, then ‘The Pelvic Floor and Prosecco Evening’ is the thing for you. Our next evening is on Wednesday 23rd Jan 7.30pm at The Hive, Sports Direct Fitness, Tewkesbury Road GL51 0SJ you can book your ticket here

If the above scenarios happen to you whether it’s December or not and you feel restricted in your activities from it, you need to think about taking things one step further and really get your pelvic floor back in to action.   The Everywoman Holistic Core Restore ® class is the one for you.  This is not only a progressive exercise programme to get you more connected to your pelvic floor and core in a functional manner it is an education which will enable you to look after it for life.  Following feedback the course is now 12 weeks long, 6 weeks live and 6 weeks online but you can still just sign up for the first 6 weeks if you wish. This is sign up for weeks 1-6

and for weeks 1-12

The initial 6 week course starts again on Monday 7th Jan 8-9pm at Stoke Orchard Community Centre, GL52 7SB.

Please let me know if you have any questions about anything brought up here or if you would like further information about the courses.

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