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Nairn’s Oatcakes provides lunch for Friday Buggyfitters! Same again on 8th and 15th May!

posted by Joan Palmer

Gluten Free Banana Bread

Buggyfit is a national brand that helps new mums get back to exercise in a fun and safe environment. Along with helping mums to get stronger and lose any excess baby weight through exercise we are able to encourage healthy eating through Nairn’s Oatcakes sponsoring the classes.

As a result of the sponsorship Buggyfit trainers occasionally receive free samples to share with the classes. As a result of this, Buggyfitters in Pittville Park this morning enjoyed a wide range of Nairn’s oatcakes to sample with a variety of toppings provided by myself and some of the mums themselves.

This is what Patrick Holford, leading nutritionist, author and founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition has to say about eating oatcakes which are a Low GI food,

“Low GI foods help keep your blood sugar levels even, so help with weight control, as well as energy, and concentration levels. Since oatcakes are high in soluble fibre and contain no added sugar, they have a low GI, so are digested slowly by your body, keeping your blood sugar and your energy levels even. They also help you feel fuller for longer so you don’t feel hungry again so soon.

High GI foods, like white bread, cornflakes and rice cakes are digested quickly. This provides a short-term boost to your blood sugar level, followed by a blood sugar low a few hours later, leaving you feeling hungry and exhausted. When you combine low GI foods with protein and a little bit of fat, e.g. combining oatcakes with hummus, smoked mackerel pâté or peanut butter, you get an even slower release of energy.”

If you would like to come along to sample a class of Buggyfit then we meet every Mon, Wed and Fri all at 10.30 in front of the Pump Rooms, Pittville Park, Cheltenham, you can contact me at and if you would like to try Nairn’s oatcakes then there will be another lunch after sessions on Friday 8th and 15th May.

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