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Raising money for Children with Cancer

- posted by Joan Palmer.

Child Cancer

Many of you already know that I am taking part in the London Marathon this year and I am raising money for Children with Cancer.  I am now asking if you can help me to raise some money by sponsoring me to take on the 26.2 miles that I will be enduring on 23rd April.

I know many of you are runners and have many events under your belt.  I have previously done 3 half marathons all getting better each time but I am by no means a fast runner and I certainly didn’t think that one day I would actually enter a marathon.  

I took up running when I turned 40 and I didn’t take on small events initially, I went straight in for a Half Marathon with a friend who also hadn’t run before.  We thought that if we are going to do an event we might as well do a decent distance!  Since this time we have run regularly, mostly at 6am even on the dark cold mornings of winter.  Prior to this I had always kept myself fit but was more of a team player and worked out at the gym.

Last April I sat watching the London Marathon with my daughter Miriam who told me that I should do that next year in an encouraging tone.  My thoughts have always been that I could never face running another half marathon right after finishing one but I was encouraged by Miriam’s confidence in my ability so I applied for a place and manged to secure one by running for Children with Cancer.

I have been training hard every week and have more than doubled my normal weekly running distance and so far have run up to 16 miles in one go.  I am on schedule to manage a couple of 20 mile runs before the event and have been swimming and working out with kettlebells regularly.

Completing any running event has been a big achievement for me as running was always a no go area for me when I was younger - I suffered badly with asthma.  I remember having many Fridays off school when I was 12 because I was still made to do Cross Country every Thursday at school which resulted in an attack and I spent Friday recovering.  You would have thought they would have cottoned on to what was happening but thankfully now medication is much better in helping to control the symptoms.  As a result of these bad times with my chest, a lot of changes occurred within my lungs and as a result I now suffer with a chronic chest condition – Bronchiectasis.  This has had effects on what I can do over the last few years.   Medication is now very good at managing this so I am now able to run without having a day off afterwards!!

Please help me to achieve this big ambition by sponsoring me to help raise money for Children with Cancer, I’m sure you will agree it is a very worthwhile cause.

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Thanks for your support.

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