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Is your pelvic floor stopping you from following the New Year get fit trend?

- posted by Joan Palmer.

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It was great to have a full hall for my first kettlebell class of 2017 last night.  There were several new faces and there were a few ladies there that I have known for a while from a few of my different classes.  These ladies are now back to joining in ‘mainstream’ exercise classes following pregnancy which had led to Diastasis (muscle separation) and pelvic floor weakness.

Issues of pelvic floor weakness following pregnancy and birth are so common but seen as a taboo topic of conversation and possibly something you should put up with because you have children!

However, the ladies that joined in the class last night had done something about it to make sure they could find a level of exercise that they could enjoy and help to keep them fit.  Kettlebells may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but being able to take part in some form of exercise should be a choice we have.  Even if you’re not an exercise type of person having the ability to run around with your children and maybe jump on a trampoline with them should be something you can do without worrying about it.

So what had those ladies done about their pelvic floor issues to make them able to come along to an exercise class on Monday?

Several of them had been coming to Buggyfit classes in Pittville Park so they had returned to exercise post baby in a safe and gradual manner.  They would have known of any limitations they may have had because I will always check everyone’s tummy muscles for any sign of a Diastasis. If a diastasis was present I was then able to guide them in the right direction as to what they should and shouldn’t do to make this better.

Buggyfit was enough for some people to make a difference but for others and also those without small people to come along to Buggyfit with, there is an alternative and something more specific to the Pelvic floor area.  I run Holistic Core Restore® classes, which is a 6 week block of exercise in a class with homework.  The exercises are progressive and functional over the 6 weeks and really get you connected with the pelvic floor region and your core – you will wonder how you were managing to function before without this connection!!

If you think you have a diastasis that is even beyond any of the above, I can still help!!  I can visit you at home and tailor a bespoke rehab programme for your individual needs. 

So if you are struggling to get back to the activity of your choice, please get in touch.  Help is out there, you just need to know where it is and then you can start making a difference to your body and its ability to keep you fit and active.

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