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Mumsfit – not just for new mums!

- posted by Joan Palmer.


After talking to someone recently about what I did for my job, I realised that maybe not everyone knows about everything I do!  I have been doing Buggyfit since 2012 when I left a steady job as a physiotherapist working in outpatients, so I have seen many patients with joint and muscle problems of all kinds.  This helps me to answer many questions Mums have about aches and pains. 

However, since starting Buggyfit I have completed many educational courses that has allowed me to work with women of any age and life stage.  This has all been carried out through Burrell Education, where Jenny Burrell is so passionate about women’s health care you couldn’t ask for a better teacher and role model. 

Holistic Core Restore ® is a course I have been working with for 4 years now and I have helped many women reconnect with their muscles again – abdominals and pelvic floor, and have helped them to feel confident about returning to exercise.  This is a specialist course which provides you with an education for life for looking after your pelvic floor which will not only have changed during pregnancy and birth, but its behaviour can change again when you hit the perimenopause and menopause.  During the course, you have full support from me though out the 6 weeks and there is progressive homework to complete.  This is a 6 week course but the work doesn’t stop there, The Holistic Core Restore ® Heat class is an optional follow on programme where the women progress on to a weekly exercise class that involves low impact high intensity exercise, participants can come to this as long as they wish and it is a great stepping stone to returning to previous exercise of their choice. 

This is how one class participant, mum to boys in their 20’s, so definitely not a new mum, has found this 6 week course beneficial

I had major prolapse/pelvic floor repair surgery in 2017 and was looking for a class that would help me to rebuild my pelvic floor strength.  I had been advised to look for a class run by a professional physiotherapist who would understand the implications of the surgery, as I was concerned that I did not cause myself further problems by exercising inappropriately.

Joan is an excellent teacher, being very approachable, helpful and professional, and I immediately felt confident that I had found the right class.  After three sessions, I experienced noticeable improvement in my muscle control and strength.  The equipment provided is great, and easy to use at home.  I really appreciate the fact that we can contact Joan with any questions or concerns, and the Holistic Core Restore portal provides easy access to videos of the exercises.

I have also appreciated the information about healthy eating to support the development of our physical strength.  I am looking forward to trying all the suggested recipes, which look delicious and easy to prepare, as well as nutritious.  

I would have no hesitation in recommending this class.  It has been very enjoyable and helpful, and has really helped to rebuild my confidence!

Thank you again for what has been an excellent course - I am really reaping the benefits with greater strength and confidence!

If you would also like to get your body back on track with attending this course, you can see that it’s not too late to start. E mail  The next 6 week block starts on Monday 16th April 8-9pm you can book your place here

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