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What is your emergency snack?

posted by Joan Palmer

Wow, it’s been hot this week. I hope you have been keeping well hydrated and as cool as possible.

I have been continuing to read Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s book that I mentioned last week. There is a great section on nutrition. We are all guilty of having a bit of a blow out now and again and forgetting all of our healthy eating knowledge. Like my running that I mentioned last week, my eating habits have become questionable too due to the fact I have been quite tired. One thing as busy mums that lack sleep tend to do when they are tired, is to reach out for sugary snacks. This may make us feel better for a short while but because of that sugar influx it has a dramatic effect on our insulin levels and after a short while we feel tired again and then crave even more sugar. The book talks about this and that it would be a good idea to always have an emergency snack with us. As it’s going to be possibly stuck in a bag for a while it’s difficult to have something fresh but there are options. I always have a nine bar in my bag for such occasions. It does have some sugar in it but it has good seeds in it too and sugar content will be a lot less than a chocolate bar. Nuts and seeds are a good option along with something like oatcakes.

Let me know what you may have in your bag for such emergency occasions.

This week is the last session of the Mumsfit runners group that has been meeting 3 times a week. It is stopping for now but will restart in a slightly different format in September on Tuesdays and Fridays from Tuesday 10 th . It will be more of a strengthening class which is a great cross training session for those that maybe run or do other sports or for those looking to get generally fitter and stronger. Look out on the Facebook page and Instagram for more details. This is a photo of some of the group that have been coming along on Fridays. 

This is a no buggy group so if your little ones are now old enough for playgroup etc and you aren’t working on Tuesday and Friday then look out for details.

Have a good week.


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