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Are you sitting comfortably?

posted by Joan Palmer


I talked about this subject in a New Year newsletter, but as it was the topic we discussed at a recent Holistic Core Restore® class, I thought I would highlight it again, particularly as I was reminded once more of its importance whilst attending the latest Burrell Education Woman on Fire event earlier this month.

We are talking about the position that we sit to poop in! If you ever have problems with passing a bowel movement or have any issues with pelvic floor weakness then read on!

I wonder if you have ever considered the position you sit on the loo. You may have thought about it a little more after initially giving birth, as it may have been a bit more difficult to poop then. I still remember taking an hour to pass my first one after having my youngest daughter, because I had suffered a 3rd degree tear! The reason we are considering this is due to the impact it will be having on our pelvic floor.

Changes in posture, extra weight sitting on the pelvic floor during pregnancy, and then the trauma of giving birth will all have taken its toll on the pelvic floor, so sitting the wrong way on the loo to poo will not be helping this already difficult situation.

The optimum position to poop in is squatting. This is not something we do in this country to go to the loo, and the design of the modern toilet is not promoting this position. However, you can adapt how you sit on the modern toilet to still encourage relaxation of the pelvic floor which occurs in the squat position and therefore encourages the action of a bowel movement without strain on the pelvic floor, which if occurring regularly, can worsen or initiate pelvic floor problems of incontinence.

The picture above shows how just by adding a small stool under the feet to raise your knees up so they are higher than the hips and then leaning forward onto the thighs with a nice straight back will take you more in to a squat position. Give it a try with a children’s stool that they stand on to clean their teeth.

Of course what you put into your body is going to have an impact on how it comes out, but that is a subject on its own and I will talk about that next time; in the meantime think about your position.

If you are having issues with the pelvic floor and would like to know more how you can help look after your pelvic health and about signing up for the Holistic Core Restore® classes, you can read about them at and e mail to find out more information about the next 6 week block of classes.

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