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Raising money for Children with Cancer

posted by Joan Palmer

Child Cancer

Many of you already know that I am taking part in the London Marathon this year and I am raising money for Children with Cancer.  I am now asking if you can help me to raise some money by sponsoring me to take on the 26.2 miles that I will be enduring on 23rd April.

I know many of you are runners and have many events under your belt.  I have previously done 3 half marathons all getting better each time but I am by no means a fast runner and I certainly didn’t think that one day I would actually enter a marathon.  

I took up running when I turned 40 and I didn’t take on small events initially, I went straight in for a Half Marathon with a friend who also hadn’t run before.  We thought that if we are going to do an event we might as well do a decent distance!  Since this time we have run regularly, mostly at 6am even on the dark cold mornings of winter.  Prior to this I had always kept myself fit but was more of a team player and worked out at the gym.

Last April I sat watching the London Marathon with my daughter Miriam who told me that I should do that next year in an encouraging tone.  My thoughts have always been that I could never face running another half marathon right after finishing one but I was encouraged by Miriam’s confidence in my ability so I applied for a place and manged to secure one by running for Children with Cancer.

I have been training hard every week and have more than doubled my normal weekly running distance and so far have run up to 16 miles in one go.  I am on schedule to manage a couple of 20 mile runs before the event and have been swimming and working out with kettlebells regularly.

Completing any running event has been a big achievement for me as running was always a no go area for me when I was younger - I suffered badly with asthma.  I remember having many Fridays off school when I was 12 because I was still made to do Cross Country every Thursday at school which resulted in an attack and I spent Friday recovering.  You would have thought they would have cottoned on to what was happening but thankfully now medication is much better in helping to control the symptoms.  As a result of these bad times with my chest, a lot of changes occurred within my lungs and as a result I now suffer with a chronic chest condition – Bronchiectasis.  This has had effects on what I can do over the last few years.   Medication is now very good at managing this so I am now able to run without having a day off afterwards!!

Please help me to achieve this big ambition by sponsoring me to help raise money for Children with Cancer, I’m sure you will agree it is a very worthwhile cause.

My giving page is

Thanks for your support.

Five great reasons to come along to Buggyfit

posted by Joan Palmer

Gluten Free Banana Bread
  1. The biggest reason when you are a new mum, is that you get an hour of ‘me’ time!! On having your baby, everything and everyone is focussed on the baby, now it’s time for you to do something for yourself while your baby is safely with you in their buggy. Start early on giving yourself some time to do something for you as it can be quite difficult to fit it in!
  2. Fresh air! Even if you have had a poor night’s sleep you will feel so much better for getting up and out into the fresh air – so many mums at my classes tell me this. Many studies have also shown that babies who go out in the fresh air will sleep better – it’s a win win situation for you.
  3. You know you will be returning to exercise post pregnancy and birth in a safe and gradual manner. You will complete a full health questionnaire to pick up any complications that may inhibit your return to exercise and I will perform a tummy muscle check to make sure you are doing the correct exercise at the right stage of your post-natal recovery. All exercises are given with an easier option so you don’t need to be concerned about your level of fitness before starting the class. Come along and get fitter and stronger with every session.
  4. You will get a release of endorphins with a session of exercise. Endorphins are your natural feel good hormones and when you are a new mum finding your way with new situations you could do with a few of these. Your workout will also mean that you are getting stronger in all the areas that will have weakened through your changing pregnancy posture. Unless you work on these areas of change they will remain weak and you will then be more susceptible to developing aches and pains through a lack of muscle strength and good posture.
  5. A social outing. An opportunity to have a chat and make new friends going though similar things in life as you and with the same interest as you to get back in shape. You know the saying, ‘A problem shared......’ You may be at an exercise session but there is always time for a chat!

Come along and join us Monday, Wednesday and Friday meeting for 10.30 in front of the Pump Rooms at Pittville Park. There is plenty of free parking behind. E mail for any other details.

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