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Pregnant, are you worried about your fitness level now?

posted by Joan Palmer

Becoming pregnant is a life changing experience and with a new life growing inside you, you may start to think about what you should and shouldn’t be doing as far as exercise is concerned. Whether or not you are used to exercising there is plenty of evidence to support carrying out some exercise during your pregnancy once you have had your initial scan at around 12 weeks.

So here are 8 reasons why it’s a good idea to take up some exercise during pregnancy and in particular why my Pregnancy Fit class is a great option to carry this out

  1. You will meet other expectant mums. Becoming pregnant can be quite overwhelming with lots of information to take in and lots of planning to think about. It’s great to meet other expectant mums to talk things over with and learn new information.
  2. You will be able to keep your changing posture in check – During your pregnancy there will be big changes in your posture that will lead you to develop weaknesses in various areas of the body that normally help to keep you strong and upright. The exercise that you do at this class will work on these areas and will keep this problem to a minimum.
  3. To work on your core and pelvic floor. Just because you are pregnant it doesn’t mean you can’t work on keeping your core and pelvic floor active and the more you work on this during pregnancy, it will make your post natal recovery much easier.
  4. You will be fit for labour. We all know that this can sometimes be a long process and the stronger you are the more able you will be to tolerate the potential long process. Your labour will be much better and the baby will be happier if you are upright and moving for as long as possible. Maintaining a certain level of aerobic fitness will also make this process easier.
  5. You will have ongoing contact with a qualified physiotherapist who will help you with any aches and pains you may develop and how best to manage them. With regular contact with myself you will gain advice about any possible problems early on and know what to do to make them manageable.
  6. It has been shown that those women that exercise during pregnancy are less likely to need as much pain relief during labour.
  7. Those women that exercise during pregnancy put on less weight during pregnancy.
  8. Women that exercised during pregnancy were more likely to continue with exercise after birth and therefore are fitter to cope with being a new mum.

Pregnancy Fit classes run Mondays 8-9pm at Stoke Orchard Community Centre, GL52 7SB. For more information e mail, visit Or call 07957308968

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