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Before and after with Holistic Core Restore®

- posted by Joan Palmer.

before after

Last week I started the latest 6 week Everywoman Holistic Core Restore® programme with 9 mums that are keen to get themselves reconnected to their body – they all said they wanted their body to feel normal again after having a baby and get back to some exercise without having to worry about what their pelvic floor was going to do. The good news for these mums is that the Holistic Core Restore® Every Woman programme has a very good record of achieving this aim.

This achievement is not just from attending the classes but is down to the dedication from the mum to continue at home with the homework that is supplied on line for them to make sure the pelvic floor and core is exercised at several points throughout the week. The movement exercises within the class are all functional movement patterns so it is easy to transfer how they are learning to activate the pelvic floor and core within the class into movement patterns that they do regularly at home. The end result is a pelvic floor and core that work automatically for you again with movement and they can begin to return to the exercise of choice.

It was at the beginning of this week that I heard from a previous class attendee that she had since taken up some gentle running with no incidents of the pelvic floor which is something that was impossible in September of last year. These are the outcomes that I love to hear about and want to shout from the roof tops to let women out there know that there is help for the pelvic floor. This particular class participant had two children aged 4 and 6, and since having the second child had had real problems with trying to activate and feel any activity in the pelvic floor. Having tried regular kegel exercises with no improvement, she had become used to the fact that a walk to school and back often resulted in an accident as she never made it to the toilet in time. This also shows that it’s not too late to make a difference either – movement patterns and muscle activation just needs to be re –introduced in the correct way to allow for the best recovery.

So if you have yet to get your body back to feeling that all different areas belong to you and you are waiting to get back to previous sports but have big concerns about the pelvic floor and core, do get in touch and I can let you know when the next 6 weeks of classes will begin.

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