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Pregnancy Fitness and Nutrition Workshop

Wholefoods Market, Cheltenham

Days - TBC | Time - 10.15-12.30pm


Come along to this informative and practical workshop to insure you get the best out of your pregnancy through keeping fit and strong, looking after your pelvic floor and eating well to keep you and your baby healthy and feel full of energy.

This session runs with Nutritional Therapist , Georgina Graham of and Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Hannah Gray of

Areas of focus within these sessions are

  • Pelvic floor muscle preparation for ongoing pregnancy and delivery
  • Perineal massage
  • Managing pelvic/backpain in pregnancy
  • Managing a good blood sugar balance to feel energised
  • Eating to maintain good energy levels and stop feelings of sickness and dizziness
  • Knowledge of what to eat in the early post natal phase to help with energy levels and healing.
  • How to keep your core muscles working throughout pregnancy
  • Postural correction and how to strengthen those muscles that weaken through pregnancy and release the muscles/tissues which tighten due to changes in posture through pregnancy. 

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