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Pittville Park, Cheltenham

Days - Tues, Wed and Fri | Time - 9.15am


We meet opposite the Central Cross Café by the telephone box.

Running is a great form of exercise because it requires minimal equipment to get out there and do it but you may be lacking confidence to do it on your own. Mumsfitrunners will suit all ability levels so come and give us a try.Mumsfitrunners is a very supportive and fun group and will get you started or encourage you to get fitter and maybe faster!You’ll be surprised how quickly improvements can be made.

When taking up any exercise it’s important to do it gradually and build up strength at the same time. The games and exercises we do within the class work on a gradual build up of distance, strength, technique, stamina and speed.The exercises are are adapted to everyone’s needs so there is no fear of being left behind!

The session is a buggy free and dog free zone (Buggyfit is available to those with buggies and sorry to the dog owners) and I recommend that you are 6 months post natal before attending this group (get strong with Buggyfit first).

If you have any pelvic floor or abdominal muscle separation issues then please talk to me first as other classes would be more appropriate for you initially.

We meet in all weathers, except during weather warnings! Check out the Facebook page for any changes to sessions during school holidays.Bring a drink and wear comfy clothing.

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