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Kettlebells have been around for a long time, initially originating in Russia, but these cast iron cannon ball shaped weights with a single handle are now more of a recent addition to gyms and exercise classes. 

With a Kettlebell training session you will get a full body conditioning workout where the body learns to work as one synergistic unit linked strongly together.  Because of this you will get bigger results in less time due to working multiple groups at once.  You will achieve increased strength without the mass so you will be lean and toned and feel the fat melt away.

Kettlebell training is a great way to build up strength that can be transferred to other sport and activity.  With increased activity in multiple muscles you will have an improved posture.  Good posture is also achieved with a big emphasis on gluteal strength and back extensor endurance.  There will also be an improvement in balance and coordination.

Kettlebell training will also promote many positive effects with the circulatory(heart) and respiratory(lungs) systems and will tax both aerobic and anaerobic systems.

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