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You are able to attend this programme of 4 classes once you have had your post natal check with your GP.

Each session lasts one hour and incorporates an educational element looking at postural changes, changes with the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and how to make improvements with these areas and and motivational tips to keep going with exercise. Gym ball and floor based exercise exercises then follow, finishing with gentle stretching exercises. The gym ball provides a dynammic surface to challenge and strengthen the muscles which are weakened during pregnancy - the core and pelvic floor.

The cost of the classes includes an exercise pack to allow you to continue with exercises at home and an educational booklet.

Programme benefits include - reduced pelvic and back pain, - a faster recovery following the birth of your baby, - reduced incidence of stress incontinence, - improved activity in abdominal muscles, - meeting other new mums and exercising together.

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