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A diastasis occurs as your abdominal muscles have to stretch to accommodate the growth of your baby. The most superficial layer of your abdominals - your rectus abdominis (your six pack muscle!) consists of two parts which is joined at your midline with connective tissue. As your baby grows the connecting connective tissue between the two parts of the rectus abdominis stretches and becomes weak.

As your abdominal muscles and the connecting connective tissue form part of your body's stability system to help prevent low back pain and pelvic instability, this means that if there is a weakness here your body no longer has a stability system with optimal function. A weakness in the body's stability system can lead to poor posture, which can then manifest into other problems and a tummy that has no muscle tone that then continues to make you look like you are still pregnant.

For the majority of women, this connective tissue between the abdominals recovers and the muscles will come closer together again. This recovery improves the body's stability system and allows you to continue with exercise and activity in a safe body environment.

However, if the gap doesn't close on its own and there is weakness in the connective tissue, doing anything that will increase your intra-abdominal pressure eg sitting straight up from a lying position, lifting and carrying heavy weights and exercises such as sit ups and crunches will be detrimental to your recovery.

The healing programme allows me to assess your individual needs and design an exercise programme just for you. I will also be able to advise on nutritional elements that will either help or hinder your recovery.

Following an initial assessment you will on average need two follow up sessions to assess and progress your individual programme.

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