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Following the birth of a baby everyone will feel unfit to a degree due to body changes that have occurred and the reduced ability to exercise during pregnancy.  Fitting in an exercise session will be difficult initially due to your new responsibility.  This is where Buggyfit will really help you.

Buggyfit - the best way to get in shape after your new arrival!  Buggyfit is the original and largest buggy workout network in the UK with trainers specialised in post natal care to ensure you get the best results in a safe environment.  You will also have fun as you exercise in a group of like minded mums by your side.

You may join a Buggyfit class as soon as you have had your post natal GP check (usually around 6 weeks) and they have OK'd you to exercise.  This is fine if you have had a vaginal delivery.  However, if you have had a c section, it is advisable to wait 12 weeks post natal to allow the body to heal before starting an exercise programme. Your external scar will proboably look fine a lot earlier than this but your body has been through a major operation and your deeper tissues need more time to heal.

You do not need a specific pram or buggy to join in a class.  Just wear something comfortable and bring a drink.

We Buggyfit in all weathers (unless there is a weather warning!) so come prepared.  Remember, there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing!  Mums will get warm but in colder weather remember your buggysnuggle, cosytoes or blanket for your baby>




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