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3rd Age Fitness & Nutrition with Hormone Happiness

Workshop and classes - Stoke Orchard, Community Centre

Days - 12th Oct | Time - 8.15-9.30pm


Most of us are aware of the term 'Menopause' and some of the symptoms that can be related but perimenopause is not such a familiar term. The perimenopause starts around 35-40 years of age when women start to notice that things are changing in their body and with their mood. Previous diet, exercise and lifestyle strategies no longer seem to work and it is becoming more difficult to shift the weight around your middle.

Hormones are the big factor in the changes that are occurring and by adopting new strategies for diet, exercise and lifestyle you can make positive changes to get you back into the driver's seat again.

I can help you to facilitate the changes needed to make a difference to you and your symptoms and get you 'rocking your 3rd Age'.

By attending a ‘Hormone Happiness 3rd age Woman’s Workshop' you will learn why you feel as you do sometimes and how you can help these symptoms. It will also show what type of exercise is going to shift any stubborn tummies. Exercise classes will then be available to attend to carry out the specific exercise and help shift your middle!

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