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Healthy New Mummy

Wholefoods Market, Cheltenham

Days - Various Fridays | Time - 1.00-2.30pm

27th Jan, 24th Feb, 24th March, 28th April


This session runs with Nutritional Therapist , Georgina Graham of and Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Hannah Gray of

Areas of focus within these sessions are

  • Regain a strong and effective pelvic floor with tips on maintaining a healthy bladder and bowel and how to get good pelvic floor function for resuming good sexual activity.
  • Assessing the abdominal muscle for any separation (diastasis check) and giving you the advice to care for it if it is present.
  • Explaining the importance of reconnecting to your pelvic floor and core and giving you some initial ways to do this.
  • Postural advice for feeding, lifting and carrying.
  • Nutritional advice on how to eat for energy and vitality, avoid slumps of energy during the day and how best to support your immune system and reduce the incidence of being poorly.

There will also be time for you to ask questions on anything that is concerning you regarding these areas that we may not have covered.

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